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Just the Facts

Fri, 09/19/2008 - 12:59PM by Brian Sugar 0 Comments -

OnSugar is a hosted publishing platform that is based on what we use to publish PopSugar, FabSugar, and the rest of Sugar.

Key Platform Features:

  • 11 different post types: (text, gallery, layout, poll, look, quiz, quote, link, chat, video, & audio)
  • Free access to a hundreds of thousands of Getty Images®
  • Fun drag and drop layout tool.  Create your look with thousands of fashion images from hundreds of online retailers through ShopStyle, e.g. ShopBop, J. Crew, Net-a-Porter, and others.
  • ShopSense: Make money by linking to products and retailers NEW
  • Build your audience of followers with automatic notifcation of new posts
  • Follow your favorite sites and view an aggregated feed of your followed sites
  • Post by email NEW
  • Automatic update of your Facebook and Twitter status NEW
  • Multiple sites per account
  • Multiple authors per site
  • Easy import from Blogger, Wordpress, & Typepad
  • Full domain support
  • Free


Key Site Features:

  • Drafts/Timed Publishing
  • Search
  • Archives
  • Pages (e.g. About Me, Galleries, Videos, etc)
  • Widgets for highlighting content from your site or around the web (e.g. Popular Posts, Latest Comments, Latest Tweets, etc)
  • Completely customizable themes



  • Drupal - open source content management system
  • Akamai - Entire platform uses the Akamai content delivery network
  • memcached - Extensive use of memcached
  • Smarty - Template engine
  • sIFR - (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) is a technology that allows you to replace text elements on screen with Flash equivalents.
  • TinyMCE - Rich Text Editor
  • LLMP - Linux, lighttpd, MySQL, PHP
  • Fully documented API


Using Email to Post to OnSugar: The Subject is the Title of your Post

Fri, 09/19/2008 - 12:56PM by Brian Sugar 0 Comments -

The body of the message is the body of the post.


To tag your photos, you type:

cats: new york, movies
tags: godfather, signs

If the photo was taken with a phone (iPhone) that embeds the geoloc in the photo, it can be placed under photo

To turn on/off geoloc, you type:
g: true or false


here's the email:



OnSugar Screenshots

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Be A Fashion Editor

Thu, 09/18/2008 - 3:21PM by Brian Sugar 0 Comments -

9/10/08: Actress Blakelively attends Michael Kors Spring 2009 fashion show


Thousands of Images from ShopStyle

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Free Getty Images

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Choose A Gorgeous Theme or Create Your Own

Thu, 09/18/2008 - 2:16PM by Sabrina Eldredge 0 Comments -

There are currently 25 different themes to choose from!


Do you like polls?

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Take this OnSugar Quiz

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Get to know our new publishing platform


Capture Memorable Banter

Thu, 09/18/2008 - 1:32PM by Brian Sugar 0 Comments -
  • Mike: So how long do I wait to call?
  • Trent: A day.
  • Mike: Tomorrow.
  • Sue: Tomorrow, then a day.
  • Trent: Yeah.
  • Mike: So two days?
  • Trent: Yeah, I guess you could call it that, two days.
  • Sue: Definitely, two days is like industry standard.
  • Trent: You know I used to wait two days to call anybody, but now it's like everyone in town waits two days. So I think three days is kind of money. What do you think?
  • Sue: Yeah, but two's enough not to look anxious.
  • Trent: Yeah, two's enough not to look anxious. But I think three days is kind of money. You know because you...
  • Mike: Yeah, but you know what, mabey I'll wait 3 weeks. How's that? And tell her I was cleaning out my wallet and I just happened to run into her number.
  • Charles: Then ask her where you met her.
  • Mike: Yeah, I'll ask her where I met her. I don't remember. What does she look like? And then I'll asked if we f******. Is that... would that be... T, would that be the money?
  • Trent: You know what. Ha ha ha Mike, laugh all you want but if you call too soon you might scare off a nice baby who's ready to party.
  • Mike: Well how long are you guys gonna wait to call your babies?
  • Trent, Sue: Six days.

Thu, 09/18/2008 - 1:10PM by Brian Sugar 0 Comments -

Imagination is more important than knowledge...

Albert Einstein


Upload Your Own Videos

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Upload Audio

Thu, 09/18/2008 - 12:20PM by Brian Sugar 0 Comments -

Hello World.

This is a demo site running OnSugar. And this is a custom widget. You can easily add third-party code here too!